Churchyard Survey


The Church of St Giles, Maisemore

A Church has stood here since the C12th, but nothing remains of the original building, which was re-built in the C15th. From this later period only the tower, the south porch and the nave south-wall remain; the rest was re-built in the C19th.

The earlier parts of the Churchyard lay to the south and south-west of the Church, but in the C20th there were two extensions. The first - about 1910 - covered the west and north-west sides. And a further area, outside the north perimeter wall, was consecrated in 1998 but is not yet in use.

Near the South Porch stand the steps and base of a C14th Cross, and nearby the Garden of Remembrance established in the 1960's. At the south-east corner of the Churchyard stands the village's War Memorial, moved there in 1994 from a main road site now occupied by Church Rise.

As noted earlier, the interior of the church is largely Victorian, with many typical stained glass windows of the period.

Maisemore Local History Society has recently carried out a Survey of memorials in the Churchyard. Please refer to the their Churchyard Survey page for further details.

There used to be a link to a site describing the bells - but it's not working. If someone knows if it's elsewhere please contact us.